The Facts: Ryan and Adam Receive the Program Proposal

On June 23, 2010, we emailed Ryan Seacrest and his partner Adam Sher a program proposal for an exciting new musical reality show, Looking for the New, Waaaay Cooler Lawrence Welk.

A subsequent proposal was emailed on June 30, 2010.

On June 29, 2010 E! Entertainment executives visited our program proposal website at

Curiously, E!’s Lisa Berger, executive vice president, entertainment programming, was not emailed a program proposal until days after she'd already visited our proposal site.

Assuming Lisa Berger is not a clairvoyant, how could she have known of the proposal and its url unless someone forwarded her the information?

Only Ryan and Adam were emailed the proposal during the last week of June 2010.

E! is home to Ryan's entertainment news show as well as a purchaser of programming from Ryan Seacrest Productions. The companies are even located in the same building complex.

Despite our analytics report showing E! visited the presentation site TWICE, E! denies having ever visited the site. (SEE Analytics report below proving E! visited our presentation site.)

Comcast owns E! Entertainment and subsequently bought NBC.

In May 2011, NBC’s reality programming head, Paul Telegdy, announced Seacrest is in talks with NBC “to helm a music-themed prime-time reality show.”

But according to the New York Post, the new Ryan Seacrest project is reportedly not a traditional music competition show. Telegdy says that the Seacrest concept is a "totally different kind of competition show" that would unfold in "self-contained episodes." He said it was "a bit more fun" and rather than being "contestant competitive," it is more "artist competitive."

Sound familiar? Take a look at the show we pitched Ryan and his partner Adam Sher in June 2010:


Challenge posed to prove Seacrest didn’t steal idea for new NBC music reality show

FORT LAUDERDALE - A Fort Lauderdale communications company has issued a challenge to Ryan Seacrest and his business partner, Adam Sher, to take a lie detector test live on the Howard Stern Show to prove they didn’t misappropriate its program proposal for a music reality show which Seacrest sold to NBC.

Bill Jones, owner of New Era Productions (NEP), says he pitched Seacrest and Sher the idea for an artist-based, self-contained musical reality show in June 2010. Last month, NBC announced Seacrest is in talks with NBC “to helm a music-themed prime-time reality show.” Jones alleges that “Based on information and belief, it is our well-considered opinion that Seacrest Productions has misappropriated the program proposal we submitted to them in good faith.”

While Jones knows that lie detector test results are not admissible in court proceedings, he says that if Seacrest and Sher have nothing to hide they should submit to the tests in the spirit of good faith and in response to lingering questions about their possible legal and ethical lapses.

Jones says that Seacrest, Sher and their public relations agency, 42 West have consistently dodged questions about the allegations. And in a new twist to the story, the husband of Seacrest’s nationally syndicated radio show co-host, Ellen K, called Bill Jones to get more information about the Seacrest allegations, then denied ever making the call even though he left a voicemail asking Jones to call him.

“This whole things stinks of deceit, subterfuge, and lies,” said Jones, when referring to what’s been dubbed, “Seacrestgate.” “Let’s get it out in the open and have Seacrest and Sher not hide behind their lawyers. Man-up, Ryan.”
More information regarding the Seacrest allegations can be found at

For more information contact Bill Jones at 561-208-5746, or, email him at